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Terms & Conditions of Booking

Insurance and MOT

The vehicle is covered by a comprehensive commercial driving tuition insurance policy with public liability. It has a current MOT certificate, and is in safe road-worthy condition.

Be Fit to Drive

Please ensure that you present yourself in suitable clothing and practical footwear.

We will not conduct the course/test if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or medically unfit to drive; the course/test will be cancelled and full fees will be charged.

You will be expected to drive within the Road Traffic Act at all times; any infringements or fines that may be incurred will be the responsibility of the driver.

Cancellation of the Course by you
  • In the event that you should decide to cancel your course, and you give more than 7 days notice of cancellation, your deposit payment is non-refundable.
  • In the event that you cancel your course less than 7 days from the start date, but you re-book your course for an alternative date, then a fee of £275 will be payable to compensate me for loss of earnings and the Test fee paid out on your behalf.
  • Should you cancel your course less than 7 days from the start date, and you do not re-book your course for an alternative date, then you forfeit any right to a refund (full payment is retained by Lilliput Driver Training).
Cancellation of the Course / Test due to mechanical failure

We cannot be held responsible for any mechanical failure due to unforeseen circumstances.

If your course/test cannot be conducted due to mechanical failure, an alternative date will be arranged and the cost borne by Lilliput Driver Training.

Cancellation of Course / Test due to adverse weather

We hold the right to cancel a course/test due to adverse weather conditions.

If your course/test is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, an alternative date will be arranged and the cost borne by Lilliput Driver Training.

Damage to Vehicle

The student will make every effort to avoid damage to the vehicle

If the instructor considers that the student was driving in a dangerous, reckless or unpredictable manner and actual damage is caused despite best efforts made by instructor to avoid this, you will be expected to pay for the excess on the instructors’ insurance policy and full course fees for the course you have booked.


The student will ensure that communication channels are in place and that Lilliput Driver Training is made aware of any changes of contact details – phone numbers and email addresses.

No Smoking Policy

There is a strict NO Smoking policy within all vehicles at all times.

Zero Tolerance Policy

A strict zero tolerance policy is in place within Lilliput Driver Training for staff, students, members of the public and third parties (DVSA Staff). This includes offensive verbal, sexual and racial language and/or physical, sexual and racial assault. This also includes property damage.

Result will be the withdrawal of all training (if conducted to member of staff)

Lilliput Driver Training will support the police with any criminal or civil proceedings with legal costs and loss of earnings and damages being taken into account.

I Dale Miller of Lilliput Driver Training cannot be held responsible for any of the above acts made by other staff, student or third parties.

Code of Practice

I Dale Miller of Lilliput Driver Training will abide by the voluntary code of practice which has been agreed between the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the main bodies representing Approved Driving Instructors (ADI).

Any complaints made by yourself or a third party should be made in the first instance to Dale Miller of Lilliput Driver Training.

Failing agreement or settlement of dispute, reference may be made to DVSA’s Registrar of Approved Driving instructors who will consider the matter and advise accordingly. Should the Registrar not be able to settle the dispute he/she may set up a panel, with representatives from the ADI industry to consider the matter further or advise that the matter should be referred to the courts or other statutory body to be determined.

By booking a Course/Test with Lilliput Driver Training you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Dale Miller, Lilliput Driver Training
07515 747094

Last updated 10th September 2020